Arges Diamond Cut

Arges is a designer cut diamond found at Hacker Jewelers in Tecumseh, MI


The Arges Diamond cut™ has a cut so unique, it must have inherited Arges’ brilliance. As inspired by Greek mythology, the Arges diamond is named for one of the three sons of Gaia. All cyclopes (beasts with a single eye in the middle of their forehead), they were named Brontes for thunder, Steropes for lightning, and Arges for flash.

Their story is that of the “terrible three” finding refuge as ghosts beneath the Etna Volcano, until the god Apollo eventually killed to avenge the death of Aesculapius, a son of Zeus.

Not only does Arges possess and inspire a wild mythological history, but the Arges Diamond Cut™ has a cut so unique; it must have inherited Arges’ brilliance. When we looked at our new product, the “flash” that this magnificent diamond produced bedazzled us.


This is a new branded diamond, created by the Einhorn team. After several years of research, K. Einhorn Diamonds proudly announced the Arges Diamond Cut, an exciting development in the diamond industry. After intensive work by the Einhorn research team, they were able to create the luminous and brightly sparkling diamond now known as the Arges Cut . K. Einhorn Diamonds has given full exclusivity in the United States to IJO, the world’s largest jewelry-buying group.


The Arges Diamond Cut™ has beauty, fire, and a unique character strong enough to confidently wear it’s own identity as a branded diamond. Each Arges Diamond Cut™ comes with a musical gem print and an HRD certificate. It is numbered and laser-inscribed on the girdle.

Visit Hacker Jewelers, your local Master IJO Jeweler and allow us to show you the sparkling Arges Diamond Cut™