Canadian Diamonds

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Map showing the Northwest Territories where Canadian Diamonds are foundFormed millions of years ago, high quality diamonds remained hidden under the pristine, frozen artic of northern Canada until they were discovered relatively recently in 1991. Canada now produces approximately 15% of the world’s gem quality diamonds; clearly an emerging leader in the industry.

Although exploration continues throughout Canada in search of these precious gems, current production occurs in the Northwest Territories. There are two large diamond mines that have begun production: Ekati and Diavik. Two more mines, the Jericho project, just north of Ekati in Nunavut, and the Snap Lake project, also in the Northwest Territories, are expected to begin production soon.


9~canadian_diamond03We have stocked Canadian diamonds since the late 1990s. Canadian diamonds are accompanied by a Northwest Territories governmental certificate, and are laser inscribed for identification and buyer protection. These gems offer the buyer peace of mind, knowing that they are produced in a socially conscious and environmentally sound manner.