December 2017 Blog

Hi everyone; we’re finally getting to this very late (but much needed) blog post. Oh, my we have had a lot going on!
Of course we have been in the holiday swing for some time now. Our cases are chock full with something for just about everyone! We have “tons” of diamonds, loose and mounted, round and fancy shapes, white and fancy colored, certified and uncertified. We especially have a great selection of certified 1 carat round diamonds. A long time ago our patriarch, Daniel B. Hacker wrote in an ad that “She’ll NEVER forget the Christmas you gave her a diamond”. We think he was right!
Our estate cases are also overflowing. We especially have an ENORMOUS selection of diamond bracelets and pearl strands. Let our Graduate Gemologists explain the difference in qualities of these pieces and how that relates to the price.
You may have noticed that we continue to add pieces to our website galleries. But behind the scenes we are also working hard to upgrade the experience in the way you view these pieces. There will be a lot more organization, the ability to sort them into different categories, etc. But this process has slowed our ability to add new items somewhat, so please bear with us.
We also have claimed out Facebook page that they created for us. So please check that out and “like” us. We will be adding new stuff there as well.
Finally, we would like to THANK you for once again voting us “Best in Lenawee” for the jewelry store category in the Daily Telegram’s annual poll. We were VERY pleased and thankful since we never asked, directly or indirectly in any manner, for any of our customers to vote for us. And none of our staff voted at all, so this truly was organic. We really do thank you all for your votes!
Thanks for visiting our site, and we wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! And we hope to see you soon!