Diamond Importers

One of the main cost considerations of how much YOU will pay for a diamond, is how much YOUR JEWELER pays for a diamond. The better his sources, the lower his costs, and the lower he is able to sell to you for.

At Hacker Jewelers, Designers & Goldsmiths, Inc. of Tecumseh, you are able to deal with a retailer with the BEST POSSIBLE SOURCES. Consider how most jewelers buy their diamonds: Normally, the diamond cutters sell to a U.S. diamond importer, who may in turn sell to a distributor or manufacturer. This manufacturer would then, in turn sell to the retail jewelry store.

At Hacker Jewelers of Tecumseh, we do things a little differently. We buy directly from the DIAMOND CUTTER and IMPORT DIAMONDS DIRECTLY. As diamond importers and manufacturing jewelers, we can eliminate one or even two middlemen, giving you, the customer, a direct diamond source.

  In this photo, Daniel G. Hacker stands in front of the prestigious Antwerp Diamond Club. This building houses one of the four diamond bourses, or large trading centers, in Antwerp, Belgium. Inside a bourse, millions of dollars worth of diamonds are routinely sold without formality and with only a handshake.

Antwerp is one of the world’s major diamond cutting and trading centers. There are over 1,500 diamond offices in only a 2 square mile diamond district in Antwerp. Housed here are the world’s foremost sellers of rough, industrial, and polished gem quality diamonds…the precious object of a brisk trade.

A diamond factory is a place most jewelers never visit but here, Daniel G. Hacker is seen looking over the shoulder of a brillianteer in a Belgian diamond factory. The brillianteer is the final diamond cutter in what is normally a team process.

Inside one of the buying offices in Antwerp, Mr. Hacker selects diamonds for Hacker Jewelers, Designers & Goldsmiths inventory.




As a Graduate Gemologist, he knows diamond quality and value. Being a , Hacker’s buy with the power of a chain. Plus, we deal directly with some of the most prominent and important diamantaires in the world, including the worlds oldest diamond company, and the world’s largest producer of ideal cut diamonds.

Another advantage of dealing directly with the cutter is being able to verify that our diamonds are “conflict free”. We have verification from all of our major diamond suppliers that none of our diamonds come from conflict regions. In fact, many of the diamonds that we sell were originally mined in North America (Canada).

Looking for a particular stone not currently in Hacker’s inventory and not enough time to wait for their next Antwerp trip? Hacker Jewelers also has the top stateside sources. We belong to a computer network that allows us to search the inventories of other diamond dealers with a few simple clicks…and in most cases have the right stone in our store by the following day!

What’s better, is that with our Diaview imaging system, we can magnify any diamond you are considering on a color video monitor and SHOW you the diamond’s quality…not just tell you about it. All our stones are graded by our Graduate Gemologist, and we GUARANTEE our diamond grades.


Many of our round diamonds are “ideal cuts”. These stones are perfectly proportioned, to show the most brilliance. Further, most of our ideal cuts display the coveted “Hearts and Arrows” effect, which indicates precision and outstanding symmetry. Stop in for a fascination demonstration of “Hearts and Arrows”.