Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Shop Yellow, Brown and other Fancy Color Diamonds at Hacker Jewelers located in Tecumseh, MI.

Diamonds come in many colors other than whiteMany people don’t realize that not all diamonds are shades of white. In fact diamonds come in every color of the rainbow. Naturally fancy colored diamonds are some of the rarest of all gems. Of the many colors that diamonds are found, the most common and most affordable are shades of brown and yellow, but even these stones can be exceedingly rare.

In fact, of all colored diamonds submitted to the Gemological Institute of America for reports, 58% of them are yellow. Yet these yellow diamonds represent only 2.4% of all diamonds submitted to GIA for reports. Red is the rarest of all natural fancy color diamonds; only a handful of natural red diamonds are known to exist.


Photo of color treated diamondsDiamonds can also be enhanced to make them take on a body color. Bombardment, High Pressure/High Heat and annealing are some of the treatment processes used to change a diamond’s color. We do not normally stock these treated diamonds, but attractively colored enhanced diamonds are available at moderate prices.

We do, however stock a large selection of natural fancy colored diamonds. In order to truly view the splendor of these rare and beautiful gems, stop by our store soon.