Royal Diamond

Ideal Brilliance Diamonds located at Hacker Jewelers in Tecumseh, MI

The Royal Diamond

Diamonds represent a unique emotion, so it is essential when purchasing a diamond to feel confident about all aspects of the stone…not just a magnificent cut…but even its Origin.

Today, it is this history that The Royal Diamond© is tracing. For the first time in history, a revolutionary set of standards is being applied to our diamonds, enabling the consumer to identify the origin and characteristics of the diamond, to register the stone into eternity and, if needed, to add that personal touch to the stone that tells the story that binds you.


We make sure love remains pure through a unique set of revolutionary standards.  Now you know why the Royal Diamond is truly the only perfect diamond.








The Royal Diamond is exceptional in all its aspects…especially when it comes to the cut. To attain Royal Diamond Status every stone must have passed through the hands of one of our Master cutters. Once a stone has been polished, we need to ensure that the light reflection is maximized.

In order to offer you a clear indication to what degree brilliance has been achieved, a simple set of grades has been setup and determined by our light rendering machine: VERY GOOD – EXCELLENT – IDEAL

To attain Royal Diamond status, every diamond needs to achieve “Very Good” Brilliance as a minimum, “Ideal” being exceptional.